“Illegal” Aliens

I am considering the present concerns about aliens in America……

Many people south of our border are oppressed in their home countries. They have come to believe that they and their families can have no future in their homeland. A couple of hundred years ago many of my ancestors had the same problems in Europe. There was nowhere to live, nowhere to go, and no matter how hard they worked they would never be free while they remained in Europe. Wealthy landlords had tied up all the land and kept the poor in a state of poverty. Governments did not defend the common people, they pressed them into foreign wars and treated them as if they were slaves who had no liberty or independence of action to do what they thought was best for themselves and their families.

The present influx of aliens across our southern border is forcing Americans to face a few inconvenient truths.

1) “Illegal aliens” wish to improve their deplorable living conditions and hope that America can provide them with more opportunities. They are obviously desperate and come with only the clothes on their back. God says that we should not oppress such aliens and strangers. We were once strangers in the land like “Egypt” so we should understand how to be loving and compassionate of others. Will there be criminal aliens? Of course, but any aliens who prove to be unjust or predatory should receive the demands of justice, but only on an individual basis and not as a class of people as if they all were guilty.

2) Some have said that America will be bankrupted by having to care for aliens. Actually Americans have already proven they can bankrupt their own nation without any help by aliens. America’s social policies are already unsustainable and aliens only make obvious the unsustainability of contemporary popular political doctrines that are already reaping a harvest of bad fruit.

3) Some people justify present policies because they believe a porous border opens the door to drug trafficking. Americans have already proven that victory in the “War on Drugs” is unobtainable by any measure. All the present authoritarian efforts have done is to increase the presence of military-like units in all our communities, suspended the due process protections of written, disclosed warrants before searches are conducted, turned “law enforcement” personnel into predators who steal property without due process, force their way into homes in the dead of night, point or even shoot weapons, step on people’s necks, only ask questions later, and then claim they are only protecting children. All the while drugs remain available and plentiful albeit at much higher prices – which offshore banks, producers and dealers very much appreciate. All players in this unfortunate “war” think they are benefiting from this madness. A list of special interests who seek to benefit from the war includes traffickers, drug enforcement agencies, prison contractors, guard unions, drug counselors, prosecutors, lawyers, politicians, not to mention the foolish citizens who are willing to simply look the other way and let authoritarianism run its course.

4) The porous border to drugs and people should not be our most important concern, rather it is the change occurring in the social fabric of America that should most concern us all. Will we continue to oppress desperate aliens as a proxy for our own social inadequacy and failed political theories? It seems to me that we should consider another way to relate to these people who come to us in hope. Why not rather start with love, mercy and kindness that would represent the needed paradigm shift on our social theory?

5) “Conservatives” choose to point out that sneaking over the border is a criminal act. They think as soon as these pathetic aliens appear, they should be handcuffed at gunpoint and transported to a cage for storage and further processing. Most of these cages would not be fit for zoo animals. Prisoners are isolated from family, friends, a productive life and taxpayers are hit up to pay for these oppressive practices. If anyone is damaged by the presence of aliens, let them step forward and demand compensation. In reality such “victims” rarely exist. To begin with, immigration laws were simply made up by people who want to force others to comply with their customs. If the basic prerequisite for a person to be regarded as being worthy of liberty becomes that they must first form-file and wait to be given permission to move and exist in the earth we are failing to understand what is best. By these policies, America is surely failing to salt and light the world in an honorable way. If such conservatives are truly concerned about the security of America they would do well to stand tall and extend hospitality and dignity to the wayfaring stranger. Perhaps then God will answer their prayers to inherit a peaceful land of opportunity for all who need grace and salvation.

6) If “liberals” or “progressives” are concerned about aliens let them provide voluntary assistance and take the stranger into their own homes. Never before in history have people lived in such abundant comfort with so many square feet under roof. Is their grace and compassion so weak that they must employ the long arm of the law to force others to do what they are unwilling to do themselves? Even if they succeed in flooding the polling places with new bodies they cannot overturn by fiat the fact that the transmission of love and grace must rest upon voluntary actions alone.

7) Furthermore, the simple mathematics of a financing a welfare state with a massive adult dependent class that can only be subsidized by increasing tax and debt burdens that cannot be paid, cannot succeed. These policies cannot advance the goodwill that is necessary to produce abundant wealth. Responding to their own guilt the richest among us seek to take up the cause of the poor, but they rely heavily upon police powers to assuage their consciences rather than upon voluntary acts of grace. This is vanity. The government powers they worship as the source of social salvation will surely fail to produce the very outcomes they say they want for everyone. Because making a new plethora of new so-called “laws” cannot improve the social experience, winning a majority of lawmakers to their side cannot create social wealth and peace out of nothing but word-laws and expansive social compulsion.

8) If people are truly concerned about terrorists coming across the border, let them first cease from engaging in unrighteous wars in other foreign lands. War begets war and those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Our Lord has promised that blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the earth. After doing everything possible to make for peace, let the people be courageous and stand firmly against all forms of injustice.

The following are much more convenient truths…….

If we believe the meek shall inherit the earth, we will not fear alien people as if they controlled our destiny. The righteous ones are as bold as lions, but the wicked flees when no one pursues him. Since our Lord is the Prince of peace and King of kings we would all do well to trust Him and teach the nations to do what He has commanded. We should do justice and love mercy. Our personal and political security must rest upon this faith, hope and love.

So, what will you do in light of these inconvenient and convenient truths?