Scotland stays in the United Kingdom

Even if it had ‘won the vote’ Scotland does not appear to be ready for freedom or self-rule. People often envision great social organizations new governments and hope that along with central planning people may be able to improve their social experience. When it becomes apparent that the net gains by the public are not being realized and when “leaders” and “lenders” become privileged classes at the expense of productive producers, cries to limit central planning and employ more local government begin to be heard.

But in the case of Scotland the tentacles of massive financial and commercial interests, central banks, politicians and bureaucratic central planners have held fast. Their manacles are strong. In the absence of godliness, even North Sea oil cannot purchase a future of liberty for Scotland. Liberty and self-determination are not possible for those who continue to use government to plunder their neighbors by involuntary indebtedness and taxation.

In a democracy strife precipitates wars of elections with producers and taxpayers pitted against the privileged and subsidized classes. The subsidized classes include the poor and aged pensioners, immense financial interests, nobility and the very wealthy. To the extent that everyone receives healthcare, education and other government subsidies they also want to keep the gravy train on track. The present goals of the privileged classes are to increase the level of dependency among voters as a way to keep the establishment in power. If the producers of goods and services get the upper hand, they will move to reduce the rate of plunder. If producers of goods and services do not succeed, an increasing kleptocracy will plunder what is left until the servers are largely discouraged and also forced to accept subsidies.

So the sin of covetousness will drive a corrupt process until repentance, goodwill and brotherly love can provide a solid foundation for liberty. Only then, can liberty and independent action by individuals find freedom from centralized control. People often say they want liberty but are not willing to give up their greed and covetousness. Some even talk about a synthesis between the ‘virtue’ of selfishness and liberty. Such talk is vanity.

But where the (holy) Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Ergo, by our Lord’s will and direction, only righteous nations are to be afforded liberty. Scotland is simply not ready for liberty any more than is England or America. For now, they will continue to serve the banks, the national “leaders” and their host (infestation?) of central planners who continue to calculate how to serve themselves while keeping the masses of corrupt and fearful voters in line.

Hopefully, eventually one day the Scots – and all people for that matter – will turn from their covetous lust for subsidies at their neighbor’s expense and seek first a kingdom of righteousness, where faith, hope and love are the guiding principles. That is, when they seek to build a nation in which he who serves is regarded as the greatest.

In the mean time it does not matter what is the name of a country, who occupies political office, the form of government, or even what is a country’s history and traditions. What matters is only that a nation brings forth the fruits of righteousness as its citizens live by goodwill and experience the social peace that flows from God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven.