Fear, Terrorism & Peace

Fear is a strong human emotion that has been given to us by God for our benefit. When fear is properly applied, it can powerfully deter a person from danger. Thoughtful fear can be helpful to us when we assess the danger of falling off the edge of a precipice, work with extremely hazardous materials, or cross a busy highway. Fear can also cause us to be thoughtful when we consider the consequences of offending righteous government or even almighty God. Only a fool goes Continue reading →

Scotland stays in the United Kingdom

Even if it had ‘won the vote’ Scotland does not appear to be ready for freedom or self-rule. People often envision great social organizations new governments and hope that along with central planning people may be able to improve their social experience. When it becomes apparent that the net gains by the public are not being realized and when “leaders” and “lenders” become privileged classes at the expense of productive producers, cries to limit central planning and employ more local government begin to be heard. Continue reading →

“Illegal” Aliens

I am considering the present concerns about aliens in America…… Many people south of our border are oppressed in their home countries. They have come to believe that they and their families can have no future in their homeland. A couple of hundred years ago many of my ancestors had the same problems in Europe. There was nowhere to live, nowhere to go, and no matter how hard they worked they would never be free while they remained in Europe. Wealthy landlords had tied up Continue reading →